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Foursongs offers classes and
workshops to those who wish to learn
more about interacting with the earth
and giving of themselves.
Blanket coats have been around for centuries.  They were made popular during the Fur Trade era when both
native Americans and voyageurs would wear them to keep warm during cold weather.  It was discovered that
wool not only holds body heat well but also insulates even if it's soaked with water.  This was an important
factor during the fur trade times as well as it is now.  Learn how to make a wool blanket coat or shirt, by
hand, the old way, using blanket stitch and double whip stitch.  We provide all materials and your choice of
blanket.  This is about a 10-12 hour class and is usually covered in more than one day.
Wool Blanket Coat Making
Transform leather, wool, bone, antler, and other natural materials into a work of art and special place for
your favorite keepsakes.  We will explore different decorative stitches to sew them toghether and will have
paints, beads, wool yarn, and other materials available to decorate the pouch with.  You can indulge your
creativity and make something beautiful.
The Story of Fire
The Story Bundle
These are workshops we have offered
at our outdoor school in Bayfield,
Wisconsin. Contact us if you are
interested in any of them.
Fire, and the means of creating it, has played a major role in how we have evolved over time.  It has also
contributed to the foundations of many myths, legends, and stories we are familiar with.  You can explore
your relationship with fire and learn how it contributes to your life both physically and metaphysically.  Also
learn how to create it with sticks, stones, and steel.  We will try our hands at the bow and drill, the flint
and steel, and matches to see which works best for you.  We will also share some stories around the fire
and enjoy a taste of food cooked over the flames.
Animal Tracking
The animals of this world have much to teach us.  Their habits and behaviors can lead us to knowledge of the
world around us.  We will explore the ways animals leave signs for us to interpret and learn from.  We will
look for prints, walking trails, scat, and other animal traces and interpret their story.  Part
1 is a 1/2 day
workshop  dedicated to introducing tracking and practicing newfound skills & Part
2 is another 1/2 day
workshop dedicated to continuation of tracking and interpretation of the stories that are found.
Beading with Colors
In this country, beading with glass beads became popular as soon as they were introduced as trade items
from Europe.  It has grown as an art form and many beautiful styles of beads have been created over the
years.  We will learn how to work with some of these beautiful glass beads.  We will introduce different
tools of the trade as well as stitch techniques.  The finished product will be a hand beaded bracelet.
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Creating Medicine Pouches
Our goal is to help people
explore their connection with
the earth and listen to the
song that is both inside and
around at the same time
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The Four Songs
The Four Songs
From the dawn of time we have used and recorded myths and stories as a means of education and
understanding of the world around us.  They play an important role in how we relate to our surrounding
environment both physically and ethically.  Through the course of a few hours you will learn and experience
new ways to incorporate metaphors and stories into your life.  We will explore myths, sacred symbols,
personal stories, ancient skills, and legends.  Students will also create a leather story bundle as a keeper
and reminder of the life story we all take part in.  This bundle can be painted with a design of your choice.  
It can be worn as a necklace or used as a medicine pouch to hold your stories in.