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As you come up the driveway
more it opens into a turnaround
(where the main tent is) then
continues back  (90 degrees)
about 100' toward a small
clearing.  It is in this section
where we set up the rest of our
encampment keeping the main
driveway open for our vehicle
The little yurt we built as a
craft booth was just big enough
to fit our bed in.  It worked out
to be a cozy bedroom and was
weather tight.  The clearing is
behind the yurt in this picture.  
The accessory/pet tent is in the
The 30' yurt is being constructed
just to the right of this picture.
The middle of the turnaround is
the three birch trees behind the
truck on the left side of the
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We had to start somewhere, right?  We purchased a parcel of property in the beautiful northwoods
of Wisconsin.  That part I remember, the rest is a blur and I probably wouldn't believe it all
myself if I didn't have pictures to remind me.  We put up two wall tents(one 10'x12' and another
14'x16'), one nylon tent and a little 10' diameter yurt (we built as a craft booth) to live in while
we constructed our 30' diameter yurt.  It was a great idea on paper!  Actually it wasn't all that
bad.  We ended up moving into the yurt just in time though, Autumn came to an end and Winter
was right there to greet us!
You Live Where?
A few pictures of us living in tents, while building our yurt to live in,
so we have a place to live while we build our house.
This is our main tent which
housed our stove, refrigerator,
kitchen equipment, couch,
tilt-back chair, and of course
our TV and DVD/CD player.  
(roughing it!)
The jumbled mess in the middle
of the picture is our outside sink
This whole encampment is
actually set up in the driveway!  
The picture was taken from the
branch that leads to the road.
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