It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well I think a thousand words wouldn't even
come close to explaining these pictures.  I can tell you what you are seeing but the journey that
it took to get to the place in the picture is continual and carries with it many stories within
stories.  Even the content of the picture is hard to explain.
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Under the blankets is the 4'x4'
cage we kept the cats in while
we lived in the tents.  Our desk
is to the right.  The composting
toilet is behind the desk chair
and the dresser is just beyond
the cat's cage.  Notice the
"bedroom" in the background.  
The main tent is behind you.
This is the back of the main tent
where you can see the back of
our couch.  Beyond the tent is
the truck and to the right is the
material storage area.  Is it
starting to make sense yet?
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This area (where the picture
was taken from) will be
transformed into a woodland
garden area soon.  The future
house site is behind you.  On the
left side of the picture is our
solar shower setup.
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This is our material storage
area.  We have timbers,
plywood, and joists under the
tarps, firewood to the right,
water to the left, and more
timbers in the foreground.  
This is the top of the main
driveway where we also park
the vehicles.
Special note:  the house will
probably be built to the right
of this picture.
This is the "courtyard" between
the main tent and the accessory
tent.  We have the nylon tent
set up as general storage.  The
picnic table is where we would
eat when the weather was nice.
Special special note: bow your
heads in a half second of silence
for the nylon tent who is no
longer with us anymore.  Hillary
met her demise under the
weight of a heavy snowfall on
Februrary 3rd.  Luckily we were
able to empty all the belongings
out of her before she ripped and
totally collapsed.
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