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The cats were very happy when
we installed more insulation and
moved everything else into the
yurt.  Right in front of the
woodstove is their favorite place!
Moving in was a
constant process of
stacking things by
the door then finding
a place for them.  
Its rather
interesting to move
into a circular place,
there is no corner to
put things you want
out of your way.
Notice we finally did
get rid of the
scaffolding but we
couldn't get rid of
the ladder just yet!
The insulation we
used is called
Reflectix and made a
world of difference
after we installed it.
 Unfortunately it
An inside canvas liner
will be placed over
the insulation and
the white walled look
will be back.
We installed a storm
flap on the outside of
the yurt that helps
protect the seam
between the roof &
The ice formations on the edge
of the yurt kept building as the
winter progressed.  This picture
was taken in January and there
was much more of them by the
time the thaw came.  It all
stayed outside and actually held
things together in the fierce
wintery winds.
There is still much more building that has to be done.  The water and electric systems have to be
installed, a front deck/steps need to be made, the liner needs to be sewn and installed, and to
top it all off, a baby is coming.............
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Autumn came quick
and before we knew
it we looked back
on over a year of
building the yurt.
Autumn was
beautiful and
winter's cold winds
were coming again.  
Our energy turned
to preparing for
another winter  in
our cozy little yurt.
I have learned this at least...that if one advances confidently in the direction of his
dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a
success unexpected in common hours.

-Henry David Thoreau (Walden)
Spring came and went and the adventure still continued.  Seren was born on May, 25th and Aspen
(the white/black/brown cat pictured above) died on June 6th.  The summer was filled with
thousands of things to do and a new baby boy to enjoy.