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It was the beginning of October when we were working on this part of the deck and the weather
was outstanding!  The leaves were starting to change and we were happy to be outside woking in
such a special place.
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We used long 4x6 timbers to
run the length of the yurt to
support the joists as close to
the edge of the structure as
possible.  16' timbers were
joined together to span the
middle and 12' timbers were
used toward the edges.
We attached the timbers to
the legs using scrap plywood
we had left over from other
jobs.  We cut them to cover
enough of the timber and leg
to hold then used screws to
put them in place.
Notice the cob covered pier
block in the lower part of the
We ended up putting diagonal
bracing around the primeter to
ensure a steady floor.  This
picture is of the highest part
of the floor supports and is
close to 3' off the ground.
We tried not to cut down any
more trees than would fit the
30' diameter of the yurt.  
We are surrounded by some
beautiful Balsam Fir trees like
these and we wish to keep
them next to us both for their
beauty as well as for their
wind deflection in the winter.
The work of "joisting"
came next in the
progression of things.  The
plans called for numerous
16' boards but we had a
stock of 8' (again from
another job) that we used
instead.  It was a little
bit more attaching work
but we used what we had
rather than purchasing
that much more in
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This is a good closeup of one of the
leg supports using a cinder block
footing.  We filled the inside of
the block with hard packed soil
then attached the leg to a 2x6
which was placed on the block and
held fast by long rebar stakes
pounded into the ground.
Of special note, the hole you are
seeing is our dry well dug 4' down
in sandy soil to drain greywater.
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