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Thin plywood was
attached around the
perimeter as
crawlspace walls as
well as to hold the
lattice from falling
off the edge when we
put it up. (the
perimeter board
extends 4" above the
We added reflective
insulation on the inside of
the crawlspace walls.  This
insures that the crawlspace
will stay at a decent
temperature.  (In the
winter during below zero
temps outside, we had 50
degrees down there!)
We created a
space for the
door, then we
were ready to put
the lattice and
frames up and
start creating the
rest of the yurt
structure itself.
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We built the lattice in four
seperate sections and
connected those sections
with three window frames
and the door frame.  In this
picture you can see one of
the folded sections of lattice
and the door frame.
The circular saw cut such a
nice even circle, we were
ready to move on without
putting any "finishing
touches" on the wood with a
router or sander.