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It was difficult
to keep
everything dry in
the Autumn rains
but luckily the
wet weather at
least waited
untill we were
this far along in
the process.
Although it didn't seem
like it wherever we
looked, the deck was
level! I was amazed
that something I built
turned out level and
actually fit together.  
You have to appreciate
each accomplishment in
life, no matter how big
or small.  
We created a jig
(basically a long board)
on our circular saw and
attached the other end
to the middle of the
deck with one screw to
allow for rotation of the
jig.  Then we cut out our
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The flooring is 3/4"
plywood that we tongue and
grooved with a router.   
We also painted the
underside with insulative
paint then attached the
pieces to the joists with
screws.   Our trap door
was cut out after the
flooring was attached and
edge joists were added to
support the lift off door.
The T&G was routered
onto each edge piece in
a way that made it
possible to use 1/2 of
a piece on one side of
the deck and 1/2 on
the other side.  This
was a challenge to work
out but it saved us the
cost of 4 pieces of
plywood.  This is
definitely a plus when
you are a