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We built this scaffold to
put the roof up.  It came
in extremely handy and I
don't know how we would
have done things without it
We added extensions on the 8'
tall platform to hold the ring up
while we attached the rafters.  
Altogether it stood about 14' tall.
Ready for rafters!
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The center ring was a
challenge and a half to figure
out.  We did our best to
calculate the exact length of
each of the 12 sides to
make it match the dome
skylight we ordered.  The
next part was to cut it
circular at a 33 degree angle
facing downward in the glued
and screwed 12 sided
polygon.  If you look
carefully you can see the
detail of two layers of
polygons one on top of
another.  They are offset
and one is just slightly
smaller than the other to
allow the angle to be cut.
We attached the rafters to
the center ring using
all-thread pounded into the
end of the rafter.  We left
some sticking out which fit
into a drilled hole in the
ring.  In order to keep the
threads from rubbing the
wood inside the hole we put
metal tubing in the hole and
the all-thread slipped right
in.  We then were able to
thread a nut and washer on
the end of the threads that
stuck out the hole on the
inside of the ring.  This
secures the rafters to the
ring for structural integrity.
With no roof it was a
constant chore to keep the
deck clean so we didn't
have snow drifts in our
The thing on the lower
right side of the picture is
our soapstone woodstove.  
We covered it with at
least three tarps to keep
the weather from rusting
the cast iron on it.
The tarps are what
remains of a lean-to we
built to work under.  The
snow collapsed it.