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We moved the furniture in and
hooked up one electric line for
the stereo so we could have
some music to listen to.
Of course the first fire
was long overdue but
better late than never!
We continued to do adjusting on
the way the roof and walls
were laced together but at
least our hands weren't
freezing anymore.
It was exciting to finally
be able to move things in
but we discovered very
quickly that the insulative
paint we decided to use
instead of insulation was
not enough to protect us
from the sub-zero
tempratures we get here
in northern Wisconsin.
This is our roughed in sink.  You
may not be able to tell from
where you sit but the "tiles" are
painted on.  It is actually a 3' X
5" piece of plywood.  The faucet
will be coming soon.  The clawfoot
tub/shower is behind the sink.
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