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Sogg E. Bear

Sogg E. Bear line of baby products

Organic cotton baby products for young ones to snuggle with, teethe on, make friends with, and enjoy the softness of.

Handmade arts and crafts

Unique nature-inspired art

By expressing our creativity through the art and crafts we have for sale, we are sharing something on a heartfelt level with others.

Soul guidance and transformation coaching

Soul guidance and life-coaching

Getting to the core of your unique calling is about finding ways to go below the level of the thinking mind to access and align with the mysterious language of the soul.

Our mission

Our Mission: To provide opportunities, for people of all ages, to feel a reconnection with their ancient heritage and explore a shared, as well as personal relationship with the natural world through art, stories, and hands-on experience. 

Handmade Products: All our products are made by hand. There is an individualized identity of something that is created by someone's time which brings character and specialness to handmade products. Each item is a work of art and our expressions are in the products. When receiving one of them, you are receiving a heartfelt manifestation of joy and authenticity.

Sogg E. Bear

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