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We put the sides up after we
sewed and painted them with a
special insulative and protective
paint.  The canvas is actually
gray in color but with the paint
covering both sides, white
became the color of our yurt.
The snow kept on coming.  See
how it's piling up on what used to
be a walkway toward the door.  
We were able to get the 550
pound woodstove into the yurt but
it remained covered with tarps
untill we were ready to install it.
After the roof was sewn
together, we had to paint both
sides still.  It took 4 days of
long hours but it was worth the
time we spent.  The canvas
doubled in thickness and in
weight as we discovered as we
tried to put it up on the rafters!
With one of the most intense
muscular workouts I have ever
experienced, we put the roof up
and spread it out on the rafters.
We have a yurt!
The skylight was hoisted up that
same day and clamped into place
to finally keep the rain/snow out!
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